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Fall Scholarship Classes

Project Encore AZ is 501c3 non-profit with the mission to bridge the fine arts gap in the greater Sierra Vista area through education, performance and mentorship. Classes, ensembles and workshops through Project Encore AZ are free for families who qualify (application  and interview required).

If you are interested in learning more/registering for our GrooveLab (fee-based classes), click here:

What are the requirements to be eligible for a Project Encore AZ scholarship-funded class?

Students K-12 who are accepted into a Project Encore AZ scholarship-funded class will attend free of charge. To be eligible, families must qualify through at least one of these methods:

  •     income level (must be below the FY 2023 Income Limits Documentation System [Cochise County])

  •     family qualifies for free or reduced school lunch

  •     student has a 504 or IEP or is in the process of being evaluated for a 504 or IEP

  •     student attends a school with a C/D/F letter grade

  •     student receives academic remedial/intervention services at school

Families must complete an in-person interview.
Students who are accepted will also attend mandatory tutoring and literacy classes. Classes meet 1-2 times a week after school.

Families will have to provide own transportation at this time.


Parents/guardians of enrolled students are required to provide:

  • Four (4) service hours per child per semester. Service opportunities include monitoring campus during classes, facility clean-up days, special projects, recital/performance duty and administrative projects.


Enrolled students are required to do the following:

  • Practice a minimum of twenty-five minutes (25), five (5) days a week (or as specified by the teacher).

  • Be absent no more than three (3) times per semester.

  • Attend class with a desire to learn.

  • Make musical progress and complete assignments.

  • Attend their academic school and be a student in good-standing (report card and behavior checks)

  • Attend tutoring/literacy classes.

Does everyone who applies to a scholarship-funded class get accepted?

We want to accept all eligible applicants, but based on teacher and studio space availability (and also scholarship fundraising) we cannot accept everyone at this time. Each student/family will have an interview and we will put all eligible students into a lottery if there are more students for class spaces. All families will be notified by the end of August for a September start.

Students qualify for Project Encore AZ scholarship-based programs based on the *number of people in their household and income range. Please read carefully and make sure you qualify for our scholarship-based programs based on our annual income policy.

How to read chart: to qualify for a scholarship-based program, if there are 5 people in your household, your annual household income must be less than $59,050.

2 People in Household: Less than $43,750
3 People in Household: Less than $49,200
4 People in Household: Less than $54,650
5 People in Household: Less than $59,050
6 People in Household: Less than $63,400
7 People in Household: Less than $67,800
8 People in Household: Less than $72,150

*Source: FY 2023 Income Limits Documentation System (Cochise County)

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