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Enrollment Information

Step 1

Determine if your student is qualified to attend our free program (see below for Financial Requirements).

Step 2

Submit an Interested Family Form to receive communications regarding our next enrollment event. Enrollment events typically take place in the summer to begin classes in the Fall.



Students qualify for Project Encore programs based on the *number of people in their household and income range. Please read carefully and make sure you qualify for our program based on our annual income policy.

How to read chart: to qualify for our program, if there are 6 people in your household, your annual household income must be less than $76,000

2 People in Household: Less than $52,400

3 People in Household: Less than $58,950

4 People in Household: Less than $65,500

5 People in Household: Less than $70,750

6 People in Household: Less than $76,000

7 People in Household: Less than $81,250

8 People in Household: Less than $86,500

*FY2022 HUD Income Limits for the state of Arizona set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development


Parents are required to provide four service hours per child per semester.

Service opportunities include monitoring campus during classes, campus clean-up days, special projects, recital duty and administrative projects.

Students are required to do the following:

  • Practice twenty-five minutes five days a week (or as specified by the teacher).

  • Be absent no more than three times per semester.

  • Attend class with a desire to learn.

  • Make musical progress and complete assignments.

  • Attend their academic school and be a student in good-standing

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