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Alright...I Get the Recorder Jokes!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

It's inevitable that every year you will start seeing snarky posts about kids coming home with recorders. You will read the over the top sarcasm from parents about WHY do they have to teach this in school? Well, let me tell you, as a kid who first started on recorder in 4th grade, I can tell you that it opens a WORLD of music opportunity. Yes, I know that at first it's squawky but we're taking recorder and making it HOT (or COOL if you better prefer)!

Our new class is launching using the Nuvo WindStars instruments and program to help reduce that squawk and get students up and running! We have classes specifically for our youngest learners (5-8) 4:30pm on Thursdays and we ask that a parent attend and play along with their child. If you are an older learner, we have classes for learners 8-18 (Thursdays 5:45pm) and for adults (Thursdays 6:30pm).

Cost for a 10-week term is $30 the fee INCLUDES (1) Nuvo Recorder+ instrument and student book. NO experience is necessary to join in the fun. Register through the links on the website or directly here:

Come join in the band and make a JOYFUL not painful noise!

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