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Even In Chaos, Beauty Appears!

Hello everyone!

The past week has been chaotic bringing gear into the newly painted (and carpet-cleaned) space; re-evaluating if/when I need it; finding suitable storage space for it and re-imaging new classes for it. If you drive by the new building you'll see we had to do some "extractions" of the overgrown shrubbery (still a lot of work to do on that beautification). Inside, Roxanna is still prepping to move the bookstore this month (lots of painting still to be done). I still need to finish up painting the doors on the music side (the new name for the space is GrooveLab) and get some suitable window coverings for the non-traditional sized windows (sigh). Despite the chaos, there is beauty coming to the surface!


Apologies lots of information to put out here! We are a little over a month away from relaunching classes (week of September 13th). Lots of upcoming opportunities to come and check out the new space (still very much under construction) and new classes (pretty much settled out, see below). Please, please share information about our programs with friends as we have a lot of room for growth! I am posting updates to the website ( and Facebook page ( so please share posts or even give a great review if you wish! :-)


Attached is a snapshot of the weekly schedule.


Yes, days have changed, WHY? A couple reasons:

1. I needed to fence off certain days and times for family - work - school - creative balance.

2. We need to do taiko on days when the bookstore is NOT open (yes, it's LOUD); that left Sundays and Mondays. Roxanna may change her bookstore hours to a Monday open during the holidays, but she's not sure yet. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Wait, I've been playing for a while why are there mostly beginner classes listed?

- Taiko: we need to reboot taiko to reset everyone to the basic taiko fundamentals with clear expectations on how to progress to the next level (if you so wish). Once registered, students will have access to a skills and resource list to advance their knowledge quickly if they wish. There's also nothing wrong with being content in a Roots class for a few terms as there are SO many things to learn and master even at that level. Only Elaina and Jethro are at the level of being in the Sunday Taiko Rockers/Advanced class right now; they will be working on some complex 3-part songs that no one else is really ready for now.

- Steel Pan: Our current youth steel pan players are definitely at the Rollers/Intermediate level; BUT these classes are really small. We will adjust to make a Rollers/Intermediate class at a different day/time if we get an influx of beginner students.



You can learn more about the benchmarks and class descriptions here:



Register for classes here (tuition is not due until the term starts):



Register for an upcoming "Try-it-Out" night here:



We have launched a "Tuition Assistance" program for qualified youth that provides 1 free group class per term for the upcoming year. You can read more on the website about the qualifications (under the Enroll menu). Please share with families who may benefit. We are a 501c3 and appreciate any donations that can help this specific program (info on the website on how to donate).


I hope our youth and families had a great back-to-school week! I am excited to bring in this new format and see returning and new faces! Back to work work!!



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